The Sabbatical Guidebook

Imagine a sabbatical... Just the thought of taking one ignites a passion for a life-changing journey, doesn't it?

This exceptional book, the result of three years of meticulous research, drawing insights from over 75 books, research papers, and websites, places the dream of taking a sabbatical well within reach for all – including you.

Embark on this remarkable adventure with this outstanding resource.

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What Will You Get From This Book?

If you have been contemplating taking a sabbatical but felt weighed down by the prospect of planning one, this book will become your new best friend and inspire you to take that break. In the Sabbatical Guidebook, you’ll find answers to the all of the questions you'll have in planning a sabbatical, such as the following:

How much will a sabbatical cost?

You'll learn all of the variables that go in to planning your sabbatical and the costs associated.

How do you convince your boss a sabbatical is a good idea?

You'll learn the benefits of a sabbatical and how they can benefit your employer, as well as you.

What do you even do on a year-long break?

Sabbaticals are as varied as the people that take them. You'll discover classic sabbatical type such as sailing, writing, research and many more in this book.

What to do after your sabbatical?

Any good sabbatical will allow you an opportunity to grow, reflect on life and envision where you want to go. This book will cover this and the more practical side of finishing your sabbatical.

What to do if something unexpected happens?

A Yiddish proverb says, "Man Plans God Laughs." While it is impossible to account for every unknown, you'll see the potential common events and how to deal with them.

How to get started?

One of the hardest parts of planning a sabbatical, is where to begin. This book will show you where to start, and then some!
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About The Author

Matthew Sawasy is an experienced sabbattee who recently discovered his passion for sharing his sabbatical experiences with others. During his last sabbatical, Matthew beheld the treasures of the Vatican, Seville, Paris, London, San Marino, Athens, Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and on and on and on, as he traveled through 24 European countries and even squeezed Malaysia and Morocco into the mix. Among his adventures, he crossed one border on a bicycle, one using public transport, and another one on foot, all while meeting many interesting citizens of the world.

Matthew hopes to inspire aspiring sabbattees to follow their dreams and turn them into realities so they can live more fulfilled lives that overflow with fun and memorable moments to reflect on and share with their friends and loved ones.